What We Do

Bohringer Creative is a Direct Marketing Agency …

… that focuses on meeting our clients’ objectives!  Our rock-solid process rooted in common sense will allow you to achieve your desired results!

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We start with “ideation” – a fancy term for brainstorming, where every concept is considered. This step is critical in helping us visualize the many possibilities for your product or service.


Here we evaluate all the options and help you determine the best choice based on your needs and budget. We like to call this the “box” – where all the “out of the box” ideas have to fit. Once you approve the best option, we take it from there!


Now we review the results of your marketing initiative. We find out how well it worked based on various sources of feedback. From there we refine the process further and get you started on your next big idea!

BOHRINGER CREATIVE | Direct Marketing Agency

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